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Wood Wall Shadow Box Curio

Wood Wall Shadow Box Curio Display Shelf 9 12" X 8" X 2" - Bookshelf

611 pages

14,000 Things to Be Happy About

Creator: Barbara Ann Kipfer | Self-Help - 2007

A fun-filled listing of fourteen thousand things that people should be happy about features 1,500 new entries and includes such items as new babies, a well-crafted chair, a real person answering the phone, staying home on New Year's Eve, ...

Publisher: Workman Publishing

About this book
No opinions, no explanations, no asides, footnotes, editorializing, or proselytizing. And all in a plain white cover with large black type. With over one million copies in print, 14,000 Things to Be Happy About is the mesmerizing bestseller that celebrates all the little things that make life worth living. Any random page is an instant pick-me-up, and reading it is as irresistible as popcorn:• new babies • a well-crafted chair • having a sense of your own space • a real person answering the phone • peninsulas • leaves snuggled around the foundations of old country houses • staying home on New Year’s Eve Now revised and updated, with 1,500 new entries—the feel of the fur in Ugg boots, a favorite television program caught on TiVo—14,000 Things to Be Happy About is a panacea for a new time and a new generation, an antidote to the all-too-many things we might be unhappy about. Adding to the pleasure are 125 joyous and jewel-like illustrations from Pierre Le-Tan.

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Architecture - 1982

V Wall Patli— $155.00 Size— 34% x 12% x 5% inches Few— 5% inches Price includes Shipping and Handling Original Beauty ... All are 100% kiln dried, hand carved, solid wood with 8-day key- wind, solid brass movements that strike the hour. ... Have a barrel of tun with this cule keg' ideal tor brandy, whiskey, liqueurs and kindred spirits, rt's 9%" tall. ... SHADOW BOX Curio shelf has 3Ae" plate glass mirror t shelves to add dimension to display p Three adjustable shelves 161/4" by ...


Creator: Otto C. Lightner, Pearl Ann Reeder | Antiques & Collectibles - 1952

(Better photo available. ) 2. Proud must have been the parents who wheeled out their "turn of the century" twins in Uils light and ... Better than a single carriage for a display piece, because of its perfect symmetry, $48.50. 3. ... Lovely brass framed mirror (la'* x lO'Y'). $28.50. 7. Quill holder, cl. glass. $3.50. 8. French Majolica plate, yellow with ... A 18x11" and 12" high. ... X cor. leaf frame, 15x18", fine 3.00 Folding hall hat rack, extra good 3.00 Knife box, hard wood, refln.. fine 8.50 Brass ...

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